Integrated Therapies

In addition to hypnotherapy, other therapies are available and often used as an integrated approach. For example, it is often advisable to use hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP together to eliminate a phobia, with quicker results.

Other therapies include Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprogramming (EMDR), Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression, Inner Dialogue / Inner Child Therapy, Life Coaching, Nutrition Testing with Kinesiology, Bach Flower Remedies and Austrailian Bush Flower Essencses.

Past Life Regression Therapy
In addition to being a fascinating insight for most people, Past Life Regression is first and foremost incredibly healing. In cases where problems may not resolve fairly quickly, the issue may be from a past life. For instance, someone who finds it difficult to lose weight may do so because they were starving in a previous lifetime. Virginia is currently in the process of writing a book on Past Life Regression. Future Life Progression is also fascinating

Workshops & Healing Groups
If you would like to learn more about self development, how to help and empower yourself, then why not attend one of our healing workshops, or join our healing meditiation group, based in North Kent.

Recommended Links

Recommended Books and Talks
Many Lives Many Masters by Dr Brian Weiss
Your Body Speaks Your Mind by Deb Shapiro
You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L Hay
Five Lives Remembered by Dolores Cannon
Testimony of Light by Helen Greaves
Life Between Lives by Michael Newton PHd
Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani
Soul Speak by Julia Cannon
Mastering the Power of Self-Hypnosis by C.Roy
Talks & Workshops
Why People Don't Heal And How They Can by Caroline Myss
Soul Survivor, by Bruce & Andrea Leininger
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Your Body, But So Far Nobody's Been Able to Tell You by Chris Thomas and Diane Baker

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